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The staff at Orthotech are a tightly integrated team of skilled professionals dedicated to providing high quality dental products and outstanding customer service. Staying current is essential and it is for this reason that all staff continue to upgrade their skills and keep abreast of new trends.

John Eggeling

John is the owner of Orthotech Dental Lab and a Registered Dental Technician. Having founded the company in 2006, John has been practicing dental technology for over 20 years, working in both small and large dental laboratories in British Columbia. Being well versed in Orthodontics, Dentures, Implant retained dentures and TMJ, John prides himself on hiring friendly, knowledgeable staff as committed to quality customer service as he is. John’s passions is to cycle and hike through the beautiful Okanagan as well as travel with his wife and daughter.

Dentures, Orthodontics & Night Guards Dental Lab | ORTHOtech Dental Lab |

Devin Parker

Devin Parker was born in Vancouver but raised in Kelowna. He has been a Dental Technician Assistant since 2010 and joined Orthotech in 2012 where he specializes in the fabrication of our Flex and Biflex thermal night-guards. His interests include scenic walks, golfing, snowboarding along with traveling and automotive detailing.

Dentures, Orthodontics & Night Guards Dental Lab | ORTHOtech Dental Lab |

Jill McDermid

Jill began her career in Dental Technology in Vancouver B.C., and was happy to be able to continue in Kelowna where she grew up. Specializing in orthodontic appliances, Jill easily found a home here at Orthotech. Over the 15 years she has worked in a lab, she’s enjoyed expanding her skills to all areas including night guards and dentures. The Okanagan also offers a beautiful backdrop to all the activities Jill loves, like hiking, cycling, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

Dentures, Orthodontics & Night Guards Dental Lab | ORTHOtech Dental Lab |

Ethan Struthers-Lavoie

Ethan is a recent graduate of the University of British Columbia with a Bachelor of Science and is the newest addition to the Orthotech team. His interest in dentistry began when he was a child, and since then he has focused his attention on seeking dental health knowledge in any shape and form. From the ages of three to seven he even went as far as to ask his mother if he could have his birthday party at the dental office, to which she replied, “Ethan, nobody will come.” Transitioning from roles as a student, landscaping lead hand, construction worker as well as having experience within various labs focused in chemistry, biochemistry, and microbiology, Ethan brings a dynamic knowledge base to the company. In his spare time, Ethan enjoys walking his dog, skateboarding, science, attending music festivals, cooking, and painting pottery.

Dentures, Orthodontics & Night Guards Dental Lab | ORTHOtech Dental Lab |

Lloyd Perret

Lloyd Perret was born in New Westminster, BC, and grew up on a small farm in Richmond with 6 siblings. He moved to the Okanagan in 1996 and never looked back. He started in the Dental industry back in 1980 and received his RDT license in 1987. His background focuses on removable prosthetics including implants and metal frames. He has had the privilege of meeting and working with many great people in this industry over the years. He has two awesome kids, both grown up and living within hours of Kelowna. His hobbies include fishing, biking, golfing, walking, and camping with his wife, Valerie.

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